Windy Day, York Harbor

Windy Day, York Harbor


four-color reduction woodcut
hand-printed on Arnhem 1618 printmaking paper
edition of 8
image size: 8 x 6"
paper size: 11 x 9"

My first winter in Maine I had the pleasure of renting a home above York Harbor, where I daily watched, from a large picture window in the kitchen, the lobster boats come and go. While I’m not a huge fan of lobster (we didn’t eat much of those growing up in Arizona), I certainly can appreciate the efforts it takes to catch them. Those lobstermen (and women) work hard, regardless of the weather, and they were always happy to wave a friendly good morning to me as I sat in my cozy kitchen drinking tea. While I may hear grumblings from other, more serious artists, as a printmaker living in Maine I tip my hat to those who spend their lives in traditional seafaring occupations, keeping alive a particular kind of Maine culture and keeping all the locals and tourists well fed. So for all of you fishermen that call York Harbor your home base and who made me feel so at home during my first winter here, this print is for you!

This is a four-color reduction print. Each color of the image was carved in reverse from a single piece of baltic birch plywood, then inked and printed using hand pressure and a baren. Once the first layer of color was printed, the block was carved and printed again. This was repeated four times, “reducing” the block each time until the final color was printed and the resulting image emerged. Each print is numbered and signed by the artist.  There may be slight variations between prints because of the nature of the hand-printing process.  Each unframed print is packaged in a clear plastic acid-free envelope.

All images are © Rhonda Lynch 2017. All rights reserved.

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