white-line woodcut
hand-printed on Arnhem 1618 Printmaking paper | open edition
image size: 4 x 8"
paper size: 6.5 x 10.5"

When you live in Maine, you better learn to enjoy the winter months! It didn’t take me long to embrace the silence that falls upon this state as soon as the snow arrives. Activity slows down, the  world seems to quiet and one can simply sit and wonder at the falling snow. When the drifts grow high enough, the whole world changes color, from the warm tones of autumn to a soft cool blue... the color of stillness.

This is a white-line woodcut, with every color being brushed by hand onto the block with watercolor and burnished individually onto the paper. White-line woodcuts are very labor intensive, and each print will have slight color variations.

Each print is signed by the artist. Each unframed print is packaged in a clear plastic acid-free envelope.

All images are © Rhonda Lynch 2019. All rights reserved.

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