Maine Lobstah (black)

Maine Lobstah (black)


Maine Lobstah, Homarus americanus

1-color woodcut
hand-printed on Shin Torinoko printmaking paper | open edition
Image size: 8 x 8"
paper size: 11 x 11"

The lobster is a fascinating creature, a salt-water bottom feeder that has somehow come to support the economy of the entire state of Maine. Lobster lovers come here from far and wide for this fresh-from-the-ocean delicacy, and gift stores up and down the coast sell just about anything with a lobster image on the front. It’s all rather ironic given this crustacean’s inauspicious beginnings.

Did you know that prior to the 19th century, lobster was considered a poor man’s food? Deemed fit for only prisoners and servants, excess lobster was used as fertilizer and fish bait. Lobster was so vilified that colonists used the name “Lobsterbacks” to refer to British soldiers, since they viewed both as loathsome creatures in red.

Insults not withstanding, lobsters sport that characteristic red color only when cooked; live lobsters are most often greenish brown in color. But it is interesting to note that lobsters do come in other colors -- rare atypical colorations that include yellow, orange, blue and even a cotton candy bluish pink -- though you won’t find these on your dinner plate. Commercial lobsterman return these rare lobsters to the sea.

Thank goodness for Mainers (and the rest of us that live here) the views on lobster have changed; lobsters are now a $500 million a year industry for the state. Which is probably why people kept asking me if I had a lobster woodcut. Well now I do. It’s available in black or red, though I’m happy to print atypical colorations on request.

This is a 1-color woodcut. Each print may have slight variations as is the nature of the hand-printing process. Each unframed print is packaged in a clear plastic acid-free envelope.

All images are © Rhonda Lynch 2019. All rights reserved.

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