Maine Blueberries

Maine Blueberries


white-line woodcut | open edition
hand-printed on Arnhem 1618 paper
image size: 5 x 5"
paper size: 7.25 x 7.25"

Printed to order. Allow 1-2 weeks for completion of print + shipping time.

Freshly picked Maine blueberries are on the top of my list of favorite summer berries. I photographed these beauties while picking an enormous amount on a perfect summer day. The kids scampered around, buckets in hand, alternately picking and sampling the slightly tart but mostly sweet berries in the warm summer sun. I picked berries too, but was mostly just enamored by the incredible shades of green, pink, purple and blue. I knew right then that a print was in the making.

This is a white-line woodcut. Each color is brushed on the block by hand, then burnished onto the paper one at a time. While the nature of white-line printing means that the coloration of each print will be unique, some attempt is made to keep them as uniform as possible. Each print is numbered and signed by the artist, and packaged in a clear plastic acid-free envelope.

All images are © Rhonda Lynch 2018. All rights reserved.

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