Jefferds Tavern

Jefferds Tavern


Jefferds Tavern
Museums of Old York, Maine
white-line woodcut
handprinted on Arnham 1618 paper
image size: 4 x 8"

This view of Jefferds Tavern and the old school house at the Museums of Old York (York, Maine) with the steeple of the First Parish Church peeking out above the rooflines is a favorite of mine. I’ve spent a lot of time at this museum, dropping the kids off for camps and classes, attending festivals and special events. It’s a classic New England spot, a cornerstone to the town of York, and a piece of living history. What better way is there for our children and ourselves to shape our future than to understand and preserve our past?

This is a white-line woodcut, with every color brushed by hand onto the block with watercolor and burnished individually onto the paper. White-line woodcuts are very labor intensive, and each print will have slight color variations. Each print is signed by the artist, and carefully packaged in a clear plastic acid-free envelope.

All images are © Rhonda Lynch 2018. All rights reserved.

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