The Beach House Series; Snail Shell at Sunset

The Beach House Series; Snail Shell at Sunset


Oil on Canvas
30 x 30” *

Scattered throughout my home and studio are shells that I have collected on the beaches of Maine. I love studying them. Like snowflakes, each shell is unique, and each embodies the intersection of beauty and practicality, form meeting function.

Technically speaking a shell is an exoskeleton, a hard armor formed by a combination of minerals and proteins secreted by the invertebrate that inhabits it. Colors and shapes within individual species are determined by diet and environment.

All of which is fascinating science, but terribly unpoetic.

Where the scientist sees the literal, the artist sees the figurative. In this series of paintings I have chosen not to create a documentary record of the shells in my collection, but rather to interpret them.  The colors and morphology are only suggestive, inspired by the beauty of the original and filtered through my own imagination.

This is the first of the series, Snail Shell at Sunset. Oil on canvas.

All images are © Rhonda Lynch 2019. All rights reserved.

*canvas is a back stapled. gallery wrapped canvas with a 1.5” profile

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