I am a painter and printmaker living my dream life in the beautiful state of Maine. I spent the majority of my formative years on the opposite side of the country, amidst the stark beauty and unrelenting heat of the desert southwest.  It was there that I first began painting, under the tutelage of a high school gym coach turned reluctant art instructor -- such is the state of public arts education. While the lessons learned were mostly in perseverance (mine) I somehow managed to find my way forward.

From that inauspicious beginning, I went on to earn a degree in fine art and build a nice profitable career for myself in graphic design while attempting to maintain something of an art practice on the side. I eventually met and married my wonderfully creative husband, who encouraged me to go for broke (thankfully not literally) and pursue my dreams as a full time artist. I did, and haven’t looked back.

Not long after that, an ill-fated trip to New Mexico led to a chance encounter with a Gustave Baumann postcard, which kickstarted my fascination with the medium of woodcuts. It slowly simmered in the back of my mind for years before boiling over into a full-fledged printmaking obsession after we moved to Maine. I spent our first blizzardy winter here huddled indoors with a large stack of printmaking books, a blazing wood stove, and a dogged determination to forge my way into new artistic territory. What evolved is a love affair with printmaking, and with woodcuts in particular.

While my painting took a backseat to printmaking for a time, I’m finding that more and more the two have a symbiotic relationship in my creative life. One medium often inspires my work in the other, and sometimes a subject matter that starts its life as a painting becomes a print. Or vice versa. Most days, my studio is a chaotic jumble of wood shavings, printmaking supplies, easels and paint, with lots of projects in process at once. It is a sharp contrast to my usual tendency towards orderliness, but I’m learning to embrace it.

My husband and I are raising and homeschooling our six beautiful children, while precariously balancing two home-based creative careers and an endless stream of crazy collaborative dream projects. When I'm not in my studio or teaching the kids, I'm cooking, gardening, knitting, reading, or exploring the natural beauty surrounding our home in seacoast Maine.

Where my heart dwells, so does my inspiration. I share some of it on Instagram, on my blog, and in my occasional/quarterly newsletter (sign up here) which is usually jam packed with musings, poetry, and all the latest information on art openings, studio promotions and new work. I hope you’ll join me as I continue my creative journey!