My printmaking journey began years ago with an ill-fated trip to New Mexico and a chance encounter with a Gustave Baumann postcard. A fascination with the medium of woodcuts followed, and over the years it slowly simmered before boiling over into a full-fledged printmaking career. Though I earned a degree in Fine Art from Arizona State University, my printmaking skills were mostly learned during a long blizzardy winter in Maine, with a large stack of library books, a hot wood stove, and a dogged determination to forge my way into new artistic territory. What evolved is love affair with printmaking, and with woodcuts in particular. The historical aspects alone would keep me well entrenched in my local library if the draw of the studio were not so compelling. There are infinite possibilities for exploration and I am continually challenging myself in new areas of the medium.

The roots of my work are in the desert southwest, where I spent the majority of my formative years and where I remained during my post-college career as a graphic designer. My traditional training in design, as well as the color palate of the west continue to influence the color, shape and composition of my work. The west is also where I met and married my wonderfully talented writer husband who ultimately encouraged me to switch my creative focus from design back to fine art. Together we are raising and home schooling our 6 beautiful children, while precariously balancing two home-based creative careers and an endless stream of crazy collaborative dream projects.

When I'm not in my studio printing, I'm cooking, gardening, knitting, reading, or exploring the rich history and beauty surrounding our home in seacoast Maine. Where my heart dwells, so does my inspiration. You can expect to see all of the above as subject matter in future prints, so keep checking in to see what's new. Join me on Instagram, and be sure to sign up on my mailing list to receive the latest information about art openings, studio promotions and new prints!